• Our Team

    A professional team at Finstream has an exclusive combination of financial advisory, investing and operating experience across Industries. Each team member has established a successful track record with other leading organizations and invests significant time coaching the next generation of leaders.

    Smit Jhaveri
    Founding Partner

    He has been a stock market enthusiast since the age of 17. With an experience stretching over almost a decade, he has seen several cycles of Indian Capital Market. He has worked at Ernst & Young (E&Y) for Three Years. He has conducted several financial planning seminars in Tier-II cities, as he believes in it being an explosive opportunity. An entrepreneur should have the ability to persevere in any kind of environment, and he believes in much more than persevering. He can serve as a classic case of facing your challenges, head-on. As an adventurer & an explorer, he loves taking risks, something that has also helped him achieve his targets for his company.

    To sum it all up, he should be your go-to Finance Guy!

    Here’s his favorite quote, which suits his inclinations,

    “Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life. Don't be trapped by dogma, don't let the noise of others' opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition”

    Kharanshu Parikh
    Founding Partner

    When you think about guys in finance, you build an image of a serious guy in a suit, with a phone he is constantly talking on, telling you that you don’t know anything about finance in your head. Well, think again because he is one of the few who likes breaking the stereotypes. He is a CFA Level III candidate with a master’s degree in commerce and has a deep understanding of financial companies. After having an initial stint with PricewaterhouseCoopers, his passion for being an entrepreneur led him to set up Finstream Consultancy LLP.

    Being a sportsperson always instils a value of integrity in you. The same is the case with him. It is a value which he thinks is missing in this industry and is that something he wants to fix.

    A lot can be said about a person from their favourite quote and his being,

    “Remember, Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies”

    Shiv Pratap
    Equity Research Analyst

    Shiv has lived in five different cities and has been tracking the Stock Market for almost half a decade. Shiv is our go-to Research guy! He has an insatiable thirst for knowing his stuff. Having worked in MNCs like FactSet Systems and CRISIL for a little more than two years prior to joining us, he works here as an Equity Research Analyst, researching companies, sectors and trends. In short, he likes making sure that the money you trust us with never fails you. Being an Army Man’s son, he believes in discipline and making sure he’s always done his homework.

    As he likes to quote Charlie Munger,

    “Knowing What You Don't Know is More Useful Than Being Brilliant”

    Sangita Kajrolkar
    Senior Executive - Accounts & Finance

    As a Senior Executive in Accounts & Finance, the major part of Sangita’s job is to look at the taxation and accounting aspects of the deals that we close or the clients that we get on board. Her job ranges from making simple accounting entries to making tax implication charts for our clients. She prepares Financial Reports, recommends financial actions by analysing accounting options and this makes her an integral part of our team. She is dedicated, honest and inquisitive. She has been a part of the accounting field with a work experience of almost half a decade. Her favourite quote is,

    “You Are Never Too Old to Set Another Goal or to Dream a New Dream”

    Shivangi Shah
    Office Administrator

    Shivangi joined us in August as our office administrator. She was a Front Desk Executive at her previous job, where she worked for almost two years after which she felt the need for a change in job. Shivangi enhances our clients’ experiences with her friendly nature, bubbly personality, and excellent customer service skills. Her upbeat attitude makes her a favourite with our clients and staff. Shivangi’s duties include providing support to the office staff, managing correspondence, executing payroll, planning events and making sure everyone in the office is happy in the workplace. She firmly believes in being transparent which goes well with our clients as well. She firmly believes that,

    “Dreams Don’t Work Unless You Do”

    Sneha Jain
    Executive Advisor

    As a company offering services like Pre-IPOs, etc., sales form an integral part of our revenue source. Sneha, while executing sales, makes sure that the deal goes through smoothly and everyone goes home a winner. She constantly tries to bring out new ways for client engagement and follows-up even after the deal has gone through. She is calm, dedicated and optimistic which all in turn help her to do her best at the job! Prior to joining us in August 2017, she worked at Brickwork Ratings India Limited and SBI Capital Securities Ltd for almost two years. She always goes around recommending people to read her favourite book, Subroto Bagchi’s “SELL – The Art, the Science, the Witchcraft”.

    Her favourite quote is,
    “Make a customer, not a sale”

    Hardik Mehta
    Senior Executive – Digital Marketing, Content Creation

    The newest addition to our team is our new Digital Marketing guy who joined us in April. After two years of word-of-mouth marketing, we realized that there was a whole different set of audience waiting for us out there that we still hadn’t even reached. His basic job requirements include creating blogs & articles about relevant topics to educate the young investors and the whole digital marketing part as well. He believes in taking calculated risks and does not mind to venture in to the unknown. His inquisitive nature makes it easier for him to constantly find new platforms for us to establish ourselves on. His favourite quote is,

    ” You can’t sell anything if you can’t tell anything”

    Shridhant Kuril
    Graphic Designer

    You need a graphic designer more than you think at Finstream. We constantly try to bring the best data to you, Shridhant (we call him Siddhant) helps in making the boring data quite attractive. His duties aren’t specifically defined, but on most days, he makes & edits videos, designs our reports among the thousand other things. He’s worked for half a decade in this field, before joining us in March. Along with this, he is also a National Level Athlete. His favourite quote is,

    ” Stay away from negative people. They have a problem for every solution”